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By Will Stark, Head of Science

Blog published 4th August 2016 | Category: New College Worcester

To support their understanding of the heart and circulatory system, Year 9 have carried out heart dissections over the last term. We started off using diagrams with 3D models to identify features and explain how the heart works, then we used the real hearts to see how these features appeared in reality. The real hearts proved much better for identifying the fat on the heart, and also the position and structure of the blood vessels. This proves the importance of using real objects to aid understanding rather than relying on plastic models, no matter how detailed they are!

Heart Model Heart

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By Lucy Rix, Head of Drama at NCW

Blog published 24th July 2016 | Category: Supporting VI Students

NCW prepares to take part in the Shakespeare for Schools Festival

This year we celebrate 400 years of Shakespeare – and 150 years of NCW. What better opportunity to show off our performance talents as a College than by taking part in the nationwide Shakespeare for Schools Festival?

This festival is hugely prestigious, and involves over 1000 schools (mainstream and special) performing 30 minute adaptations of Shakespeare plays across 150 professional theatres.

As Head of Drama I am constantly amazed and delighted by the talents displayed by our students – earlier this academic year we wowed the college and local community with our production of Guys and Dolls and then I hit a stumbling block. H... read more »

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By David Hinds, Head of English at NCW

Blog published 14th July 2016 | Category: Top Tips

The summer holidays are upon us. Endless days of sun, er rain, lounging around, relaxing. However, the holidays are also a time when students can begin to deskill themselves as they forget what they learnt at school. Of crucial importance is reading, the physical act of reading. Although it is great to enjoy the magic of being transported into other worlds via audio books, it is the actual skill of reading for yourself which gives you true ownership of the experience as well as ensuring that speed and accuracy of reading develop instead of atrophy from disuse.

Over the summer we have set students a reading challenge (see the homework sheet) and it is great if parents and carers support the challenge. Just by listening to a child readi... read more »

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By David Hinds, Head of English at NCW

Blog published 7th July 2016 | Category: Supporting VI Students

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By Karen Holyoak, Head of Health & Social Care

Blog published 23rd June 2016 | Category: Supporting VI Students

NCW is committed to providing students with opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves academically and intellectually. The extended research project is designed to do just that. Students can do a project on anything they want from writing a musical or dramatic piece to a scientific experiment, making a film or sports coaching. The challenge is to plan, research, implement and evaluate their project. In addition to learning new skills that will help them at university and in employment, the students can gain UCAS points that will contribute to an offer they might get from a university.

Students recently went to Birmingham City University to find out more about academic research and how to start their EPQ.

In the words of o... read more »

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